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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Portal 2

Co-op is a conformed win. I am very exited about the game as a whole and with the added co-op (which is double the length of portal) will be amazing. Portal 2 co-op will be played by two robots. A tall timid orange eyed one and a bulky out going blue eyed one. The game it's self will be released February 9, 2011. I have high hopes for this game and hope it will be as addictive as Portal.


  1. yeah i lucky lucky to be able to get the first one for free of steam

  2. the coop looks so fun!! i cant wait to play this with some friends!

  3. supportin!

  4. Loved the first game, and I'm definitely looking forward to this!
    Great blog, now following, keep it up!